Friday Pick: Musical Youth

Big news for me this week. After what felt like an eternity of pushing and pulling in a hospital ward I finally gave birth to a beautiful… wisdom tooth. Hahaha I’m such a clever blogger *pats own back* 

Seriously, it was a monster. I left it way too long to get the extraction. A few bouts of nasty infections in the last few years have led to me finally having them out. The other one is due in January. Pray for me. 

Anyway, the first 12 hours after surgery I was feeling super sorry for myself and had one and a half cries. I needed my mum to cook me mash, beans and cheese while I channel hopped. To my joy I’ve discovered that BBC Four are currently running full 1982 Top of the Pops episodes every Thursday and Friday. It’s exquisite viewing. I love the naff dance tropes and John Peel’s barely contained sarcasm when he has to introduce an artist he doesn’t like (for the record NOT a Barry Manilow fan). 

One song he clearly loved was this one by Musical Youth. I defy anyone to hear this and not feel happy. It’s such a belter. Just what I needed as I attempted to get through a pile of mash potatoes half a teaspoon at a time. 

Day 29: A song from your childhood 

Ain’t no doubt by Jimmy Nail

If you know anything about this blog you’ll know one of the reasons it exists is to analyse music and pop culture from my childhood. So for today’s challenge I didn’t want to be too obvious. I’ve gone left field – Jimmy Nail. 

Now, I have vague memories of the Nail being a huge star. Probably more as an actor but he definitely had his fair share of chart success. 

This song makes me nostalgic for rough looking popstars and earnest geordie-breathy rapping. And phone boxes. 

Day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty 

Human Nature by Madonna 

I wasn’t sure how to interpret today’s challenge. I briefly thought about guilty pleasures but then thought that’s been done to death. Then I got thinking about times music has made me feel guilty. Then I thought of course, Madonna. 

I first got into Madonna in the late 90s Ray of Light era. It was about then I started buying her back catalogue. I quickly discovered there were some songs that I had to listen to very quietly on my massive Sony headphones.  I would have been mortified if anyone caught me listening to it. It was filth. By today’s standards it’s all fairly tame but wowza was I scared and confused at the time. 

Here’s one of the many shame filled listens…